David Orr, Cook County Clerk
Next Board Meeting: July 13, 2016

Cook County Board Meetings

Use the drop down menu below to browse dates and documents for meetings of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, the Finance Committee, the Zoning and Building Committee, and the Roads and Bridges Committee.

Pick a meeting date and click “Go” for links to the Post Board Action Agenda, Ordinances, Resolutions and New Items for that day.

For videos of board meetings since January 2011, visit the Secretary to the Board of Commissioners' website.


Beginning with meetings in 2010, roll call votes are now available online. For years prior to 2010, roll call votes are detailed in the Post Board Action Agendas and the New Items Agendas. All roll call votes are featured in a box preceding the item to which they refer. To view a roll call vote for 2009 or earlier:

  1. Select the meeting during which it took place, 
  2. Click on "Post Board Agenda" or "New Items Agenda" and, 
  3. Scroll through the document to find roll call votes.

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