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When a Provisional Ballot is Used

An election judge will issue you a provisional ballot at your polling place if:

  • Your name does not appear on the lists of registered voters for the precinct.
  • Your voting status has been challenged by an election judge, poll watcher or another voter and a majority of election judges agree.
  • A court order is issued instructing your polling place to remain open after 7 p.m. (Everyone voting after 7 p.m. must cast provisional ballots if this occurs).
  • You are required to show identification because you registered by mail, but you did not bring ID to the polling place on Election Day

*In this instance, you must supply the Clerk's office with a copy of acceptable identification by 7 p.m. the Thursday after Election Day.

Acceptable forms of identification include:
  • a current and valid photo ID
  • a copy of a utility bill, bank statement, government check or paycheck
  • other government document showing your name and address

Bring the ID to the Clerk's downtown Chicago office (69 W. Washington St., Room 500) or fax a photocopy of your ID to the Clerk's office at (312) 603-9786.