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Under Cook County's Lobbyist Sunshine Ordinance, any individual receiving payment or compensation for attempting to influence a Cook County elected official or employee on any executive, legislative or administrative action involving the county must register as a lobbyist with the Clerk's Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Division.

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Prior Reporting Period

With the launch of Lobbyist Online, the Clerk's new online filing system for lobbyists, data submitted by lobbyists will be searchable and available to the public. Prior lobbyist data were presented as PDF documents.

Below are the reports from the January 2010 filing:


About Lobbyist Reporting

A $350 fee is required when a lobbyist re-registers each January or when a new lobbyist registers for the first time. Individuals who lobby Cook County officials must file a semi-annual Activity & Expenditure Report by January 20 and July 20 each year.

Lobbyists who miss the deadline are subject to an initial $50-per-day penalty. Those who fail to comply by the end of the month in which the report is due face fines of $150 per day.