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Certificate Of Payment

Ordering A Certificate Of Payment (Or A Duplicate Certificate Of Redemption)

A Certificate of Payment verifies that you have made tax payments for a particular property for a particular tax year, including the dates paid.

A Duplicate Certificate of Redemption shows the amount paid to redeem a particular tax sale or forfeited taxes. The certificate shows the amount paid, the name of the redeeming party, the date of the payment, and the various taxes, penalties and costs that were included. No certificates are issued until three weeks from the date the payment was processed.

The proofs of payment may be ordered directly from the Cook County Clerk's downtown Chicago office:

    Cook County Clerk's Office
    Real Estate & Tax Services Division
    Cook County Building, Room 434
    118 N. Clark St.
    Chicago, IL 60602
    Hours: 8:30 am to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday
To order a Proof of Payment:
  • If ordering in person, bring your Property Index Number (PIN).
  • If ordering by mail, submit a letter or an Order Form for Proofs of Payment* at the Clerk's Real Estate & Tax Services office.
  • Pay $5 for each Certificate of Payment for each tax year requested. The cost of a Duplicate Certificate of Redemption, obtained with the same form, is $10.00 per redemption of taxes that have been sold or forfeited.
  • If you order by mail, you will receive your documents by return mail.

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